Restoration Services For A Persian Rug In Westchester County, NY

In New York, Persian and antique rugs are hallmarks of style. The decorative products are imported and sold through luxury furniture stores. Consumers who purchase the rugs view them as an investment and follow strict care instructions for maintaining the products. Reviewing restoration services for a persian rug in Westchester County NY shows consumers how to protect their investment more fully.

Erasing Water Damage

Professional luxury rug restoration experts perform services that erase all signs of water damage. After a natural disaster, persian rug owners turn to professionals to restore their rugs and protect their investments. Consumers invest hundreds of dollars into the luxurious rugs, and professional restoration services help them by removing all signs of damage.

Repairing Tears on the Rugs

Antique rugs start to unravel over time and require specialty services to repair them properly. Skilled restoration services have skilled seamstresses that know how to weave the threads together. Each stitch is completed by hand and makes the rugs appear new again.

Proper Cleaning Services

The persian rugs aren’t cleaned in the same manner as the area rugs of today. The sophisticated products are delicate and require specific steps for cleaning them without damage. Skilled rug cleaners understand how to remove stains, dirt, and debris that collect on the rugs. The services won’t cause damage or lead to discoloration. The service providers use hand cleaning techniques that remove unwanted substances and protect antique products.

Trimming and Resizing

Specialty services are available to resize antique persian rugs. The skilled service providers trim the rugs according to the owner’s specifications. The patterns on the rugs are followed to prevent irregular cuts that are aesthetically displeasing. The rugs are reshaped and the fringe is secured at the edges to provide an authentic appearance.

In New York, antique rooms are a focal point that brings a complete living space design together. After purchasing the rugs, consumers learn how to take care of the rugs and what to do if damage occurs. Restoration services are a helpful option for maintaining the consumer’s investment. Consumers who want to learn more about restoring a persian rug in Westchester County NY can visit our website right now.

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