Scheduling Annual Air Conditioning Services in Ferndale WA and Other Steps to Get the System Ready

After many months of not using the central air conditioner, it’s important to follow a few steps before turning on the equipment. If the system hasn’t been maintained yet since the last time it was used, it’s time to schedule Air Conditioning Services in Ferndale WA. The technicians also can service the furnace during that appointment. They clean the equipment and make adjustments to ensure that everything in the heating and cooling system is in good working condition.

Change the Air Filter

First, someone in the household should check the air filter if that hasn’t been done in a month or longer. Ideally, there will be some on hand so nobody has to make a special trip to get one if the filter is dirty. That device should be replaced before turning on the air conditioner if it is indeed noticeably dirty.

Check the Outside Unit

The next step is to check over the outside unit. It might have been covered for the winter and that cover must be removed. If this step is forgotten, a call for Air Conditioning Services in Ferndale WA will likely become necessary since the unit will overheat. Any organic debris, like leaves and pine cones, that has accumulated around the compressor should be raked away.

Clean the Registers

Back inside, it’s time to check all the registers and make sure none are blocked for any reason. They may have accumulated dust over the year. On the exterior, this can be wiped away with a damp cloth. Return air registers can accumulate a significant amount of dust on the flat surface inside. It’s a good idea to remove the grate and vacuum out the inside.

Concluding Thoughts

Temperatures are generally mild during the summer in this part of the state, but the occasional hot, sticky day does occur. When that happens, people definitely don’t want to turn on the central air and have nothing happen. Following the steps to get the system ready and having maintenance completed by a company such as LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating makes sure that cool air will be available. Details on this particular contractor can be viewed at

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