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Sedation for Dental Surgery

When you must have your wisdom teeth removed, you need anesthesia. A sedation dentist in Lincoln Park, Il, can determine how much anesthesia is necessary to help you relax during your procedure. You are less likely to clench your jaw during the surgery, so the dentist can use an instrument to pull the wisdom teeth from your gums in only a few minutes. A quick surgery means that you will also recover faster because the dentist didn’t have to work inside your mouth for a long amount of time.

Treatment for Fear of the Dentist

If you have a fear of visiting the dentist for simple procedures such as cleaning your teeth, then finding a dental facility that offers sedation is a great idea. A sedation dentist Lincoln Park dental facility will also use this method to help children who are unable to sit still for examinations or cleanings. While the word sedation may make you think that you will go to sleep for a few minutes, you may not sleep at all. Your dentist can control how much medication you need to help you feel relaxed, and if a procedure requires more time, then the dentist can give you more of the medication.

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After receiving anesthesia at the dentist’s office, you may feel groggy for several hours. This means that you should arrange to have someone else take you home. The sedation medication can lead to a loss of memory about what occurred while you were in the dental office chair having a root canal for an infection in a tooth or receiving a dental implant because you have a missing tooth. To arrange a sedation dentist Lincoln Park procedure, you can contact Chicago Smile Design at our website located at

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