Seeing An Endodontist In Chicago Jan23


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Seeing An Endodontist In Chicago

When someone thinks of a root canal, they suddenly begin to tighten their teeth. But, why would a root canal scare people? Most people think it is very painful, but with advancements in dentistry and technology, root canals have changed considerably. This article is meant to clear up any myths surrounding root canals and help people understand the real facts of this procedure. If anything, contact your local Endodontist in Chicago to learn more.

Myth: A root canal is a painful procedure

Canal therapy and pain: false. Canal treatment will not cause pain. The belief of root canals going wrong is a thing of yesteryear. With modern local anesthesia, a root canal is just like getting a filling. If a severe tooth infection is present, local anesthetics may not work as well, and the dentist may choose to prescribe antibiotics before going forward. If the procedure is complicated, the dentist will ask that you see an Endodontist in Chicago, which is a dentist specializing in root canals.

Fact: A canal treatment is expensive

Canal treatments are expensive. Although root canal treatments are expensive, you must remember that it serves to save your tooth and helps you maintain the normal functions of mastication. Getting a root canal is still cheaper than getting a tooth extracted and replacing it with dental implants or bridges. Costs vary, depending on the number of channels a tooth has. The price difference also depends on whether the channel processing is executed for the first time or if it is the second or third time. Finally a specialist (endodontist) has higher prices than a general dentist.

Myth: Root canal therapy eliminates pain immediately after your procedure

Immediate relief after a root canal is false. After getting a root canal, patients may feel significant improvement. Yet, it is normal that the tooth is sensitive for the first couple of days after surgery, and pain medication may be required. The pain should dissipate completely after this period. Is it possible to feel no pain after a root canal? Yes, it is possible, but it depends on the complexity of the treatment and whether there is an infection or not. Contact South Loop Dental Specialists to learn more.

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