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Selecting A Company To Partner With For Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Ideally, working with one company to provide printed circuit board design, testing, and then assembly is the best option for OEMs. This ensures each stage of the development and manufacturing of the PCBs is done with the same level of understanding of the standards, performance requirements, as well as the details of the given application.

The choice of a company for printed circuit board assembly is always about matching the experience, the production capabilities and capacities, and the options that the company provides with the needs of the OEM.

Companies offering more options and flexibility in both PCB design and printed circuit board assembly provide the OEM with opportunities to improve on the overall design, lower production costs, or even increase the capacity, durability, and performance of the board while still staying within the project budget.


The company selected for printed circuit board assembly should have the latest in equipment and technology to complete the assembly process. This means having the ability to complete the increasingly small PCBs that are required today, including all types of assembly options and the ability to produce a wide variety of PCBAs from high density to large form factor.

Manufacturing Options

Look to contract manufacturers using the latest in Flex manufacturing, using automated precision component placement processes, as well as those that are able to fully inspect all of the PCBs they manufacturer before shipping.

The more features, manufacturing processes, and production technology the company offers, the greater the options are for the OEM to consider to balance performance, cost, and features.

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