Septic Tank Care in Bainbridge Island WA, for Homes With Frequent Visitors Mar26


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Septic Tank Care in Bainbridge Island WA, for Homes With Frequent Visitors

Families who have lots of friends and relatives visiting them regularly may hesitate to buy a house with a septic system. They aren’t sure whether that private wastewater treatment equipment can handle the additional use when several people arrive for the weekend. They can prevent problems by implementing certain effective strategies and scheduling septic pumping in Bainbridge Island WA as recommended.

Managing Household Water Usage

Having a large number of people using a septic system means needing to stagger showers throughout the day and doing laundry several days a week. If this would be a serious issue for the family with frequent overnight guests, they may want to avoid buying a rural home. There is some inconvenience involved, although it can be managed with due diligence.

Three individuals showering consecutively should not be a problem for an average-sized residential septic tank. Add another three consecutive showers and the tank could easily be overloaded with water. The household residents should wait to wash their own laundry until several hours after their guests have left. That reduces the demand on the system. Annual septic pumping in Bainbridge Island WA, clears out all the solids that have accumulated and settled to the bottom.

Avoiding the Flushing of Various Products

Visitors must be educated about not flushing products that don’t dissolve quickly. Items like tampons, cotton balls and paper towels can build up in the tank and eventually cause a backup. The bathrooms can have a wastebasket and opaque bags nearby for discreet disposal of these products.

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