Services Provided by Emergency Plumbing in Cedar Rapids, IA

Most emergency plumbing problems could have been avoided by general plumbing maintenance checks throughout the year. Common emergency plumbing situations include, clogged toilets and drains, frozen or broken pipes, leaking plumbing, and gas leaks. Complete Plumbing offers Emergency Plumbing in Cedar Rapids, IA . There are some steps you can take to reduce the amount of damage done while waiting for the plumber.

If your toilet or sink is blocked, use a plumbing snake or plunger to remove the obstruction. This will allow the sink or toilet to drain. Your plumber can then come in and provide proper pipe cleaning or remove the blockage if you are unable. If your pipes begin to leak, one thing you can do is turn off the valve supplying water to this pipe. Check traps for debris, such as hair or food, that may be causing pressure to build up and causing the leak. Then, call an emergency plumber to properly repair the pipe.

During the cold winter months, if your pipes have not been insulated by a plumber before the cold sets in, they can freeze and burst. In an attempt to keep your pipes from bursting, first shut off the main water valve. Then, use hot water bottles placed on the end of the pipes that are closest to the tap. Never use an open flame, as this will thaw the pipe too quickly, causing the water inside to expand and break the pipe. At this point, calling in a company that offers emergency plumbing services in Cedar Rapids, IA is your only option. The only step you can take if your pipes burst is to turn off the main water supply, decreasing some of the water damage while you wait for the plumber.

Having a gas leak is extremely dangerous; do not attempt to fix this problem yourself. Immediately get out of your house before you even call in the professionals to help. Attempting to fix a gas leak on your own can have deadly consequences if an explosion occurs. Once you have reached the plumber, they can instruct you on how to turn of the gas valve outside your house to avoid an explosion before they arrive. Having a plumber perform routine maintenance can help avoid having an emergency situation arise. Visit website for more information!

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