Signs a Car Needs Auto Transmission Repair in White Bear Lake, MN Apr17


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Signs a Car Needs Auto Transmission Repair in White Bear Lake, MN

A vehicle’s transmission is just one of the many elaborate systems that is responsible for keeping it running, but it’s certainly one of the most important of them. Transmission systems are built to last, but every vehicle will eventually get to a point where its transmission will need to be serviced, repaired, or rebuilt. Drivers can read on to find out about a few early warning signs that it’s time for auto transmission repair in White Bear Lake MN to make sure they get their transmissions looked at as soon as its obvious they need repairs.

Shifting Problems

A car’s gears are an essential part of its transmission system, so any irregularities drivers notice while shifting gears should be seen as a red flag. These include shifting gears for no reason, falling out of gear while the car is driving, and jerking when shifting gears. It’s essential that drivers not ignore these fairly obvious symptoms, as it could lead to the need for an entirely new transmission if enough damage is done before they take their vehicles in for repair.

Grinding and Shaking

Manual transmissions produce a grinding sound when shifting gears when their clutches begin to get worn. Automatic transmissions don’t tend to produce any sound, but instead, begin to shake noticeably while changing gears. Both of these problems indicate that it’s time to head in for Auto Transmission Repair in White Bear Lake MN.

Unusual Sounds

A failing transmission often produces a wide variety of troubling sounds such as whining, buzzing, and even loud, noticeable clunks. None of these sounds are exclusively symptomatic of transmission troubles, but they are, more often than not, related to transmission failure. Either way, they need to be evaluated, especially if they are occurring while the vehicle is in neutral.

Cloudy Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid should be bright red in color and produce a sweet smell. If the fluid is dark and looks or smells burnt, it’s a sure sign of trouble. If this fluid is leaking, the car needs to be taken in for repairs regardless of what color the transmission fluid is.

Learn More Today

Taking a car in early for transmission repairs can make the difference between a reasonable repair bill and an expensive complete rebuild. Contact us for more information today or to schedule an appointment to have the car looked at by a professional.

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