Signs it is Time for Water Heater Service in San Marcos CA

Most people don’t know their water heater isn’t working until they can only get cold water out of the faucet. However, things don’t have to go that far if homeowners learn some signs that their water heater isn’t working properly. If any of the signs described here are seen, it’s a good idea to call for water heater service in San Marcos CA.

Fluctuating Water Heat

While it may seem obvious that if there is no hot water, there’s a problem, there’s also an issue if the water temperature is fluctuating. It could mean that the mineral deposits have built up around the heating elements of the water heater or that the heating elements need to be repaired or even replaced. To know for sure, call the professionals for water heater service in San Marcos CA.

Low Hot Water Pressure

The accumulation of mineral deposits can do more than just reduce the efficacy of the heating elements of a water heater. They may also build up so much that they block the pipes and reduce the pressure coming out of the water heater. There are other issues that can cause reduced water pressure, including a poor design or kinked distribution lines.

It’s Leaking

This one seems obvious; however, it won’t be unless a homeowner performs a visual inspection of the unit. This isn’t something that most people do unless there is no hot water. It’s a good idea to inspect the unit monthly to see if there are any leaks.

The Water isn’t Right

A metallic taste or visible problem with the water means there’s corrosion somewhere in the lines. If the cold and hot water are both rusty, then corrosion is somewhere in the pipes. However, if it’s just the hot water that is rusty, chances are the problem is inside of the unit.

When it comes to a home’s water heater, inspecting it regularly is a smart move. It’s also a good idea to get to know the signs of a problem. More information about water heater issues can be found by taking the time to contact Hanna Plumbing and Supply Inc.

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