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Signs That Indicate Your Child Will Need to See a Speech Therapist

It is natural for some children to have trouble pronouncing certain words. However, many children will need to see a speech therapist Rockland County NY. There are several signs that indicate your child will need to see a speech therapist.

Difficulties Chewing or Swallowing

In many cases, children who have problems swallowing or chewing also have problems speaking. That is why if your child has problems with chewing or swallowing, then you will need to take them to a speech therapist.

Your Baby Isn’t Babbling

You don’t have to wait until your child starts talking to see if they have speech issues. Babies who don’t babble may have speech issues later in life. A baby should start babbling between the ages of four and seven months.

Your Child Has Trouble Reading And Writing

If your child has speech issues, then they may struggle to read and write. There is a direct correlation between written and oral language. Reading and writing issues can make it extremely difficult for your child to excel in school. That is why you will need to take them to a speech therapist as soon as possible.

Your Child Is Having Trouble Making Requests

Your child should be able to make a follow simple requests between the ages of 12 and 24 months. If your child has trouble with simple instructions, then they may have language issues.

Your Child Has Problems With Social Communication

Children who have problems with verbal and nonverbal social communication will need to see a speech therapist. They may have problems with taking turns, making eye contact and greeting others. Keep in mind that those signs may not necessarily indicate that your child has a speech issue. However, a speech therapist is the only one who can diagnose the problem.

If you are in need of a speech therapist Rockland County NY, then you will need to contact Tolstoy Foundation Rehabiliation & Nursing Center.

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