Signs You Need New Residential Roof Installation in St. Charles, MO Jan24


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Signs You Need New Residential Roof Installation in St. Charles, MO

Most roofs aren’t perfect, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to replace the whole thing. You may be wondering if you would be better off repairing or replacing your roof. Here are signs that you need new roof installation.

1. Age

A roof only lasts so long. Most asphalt roofs only last about 10 years. If you’ve had your roof for 20 years or longer, it’s time to get a new one. Call your local roofer for residential roof installation in St. Charles, MO.

2. Leaks

Your roof is designed to protect you from the rain and the snow in harsh weather. After some time or damage, it might fail to accomplish this like it used to. Check your roof regularly to make sure it isn’t leaking. If you do notice some leaking areas, that’s a sign you need a whole new roof.

3. Unattractive Shingles

Your roof is a large part of the aesthetic of your home. With time, shingles will likely crinkle up and turn colors. It can make your home look quite unsightly. Also, some people just don’t like the look of their roof anymore. A more attractive roof can make you more proud of your home as well as increasing the value when you go to sell it.

If you experience one or more of these things with your roof, it’s time to take action. Call Affordable Exteriors for a consultation to get more information.

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