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Slatwall Panels – Instantly Upgrade Your Home or Retail Space

We may not realize it, but Slatwall panels appear in our everyday lives and have been around for many years. They are often found as wall coverings and product displays in the retail industry, can make be used in a home garage to organize tools, gear, and equipment or in commercial showrooms to exhibit items. Metal panels are used for holding heavy items while designer panels can add elegance and style to a panel display.

Features of Slatwall Panels
They are typically made of medium density fiber board or particle board and may be either 4 feet wide by 8 feet in size or 8 feet wide by 4 feet in height. They feature horizontal grooves or slots machined into them or are fitted with plastic or aluminum inserts, which allow for quick and easy movement of slat wall display hooks and shelves, slat wall fixtures, and displays. Standard groove spacing is 3 inches on center although custom grooves can be made.

You can choose from several types of finishes for your slat wall panels. One of them is paint, which can be done in a color to match the specific requirements of space. Another is a high-pressure laminate finish, which makes for an extremely durable panel, and is available in hundreds of colors. A melamine pressure laminate has the look of high priced laminate and is available in a variety of solid colors and wood grain finishes. Less expensive than a high-pressure laminate finish, it is the most cost effective of these types of panels.

Another type of finish is a real wood veneer of birch, red oak or maple which may be finished with stain, lacquer or varnish. Finally, a laminated acrylic finish can be applied to give a mirror-like feel while still providing many retailing and other capabilities.

Panel Benefits
In any environment, slatwall systems can take advantage of what were once unused spaces so as to create more space in any room or retail setting. They have a great deal of versatility so that they can be changed at any time, simply by moving the hook, shelf, or bar over to a different spot. Making your space look and feel so much better is made easy with these panels and systems.

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