Smell Backyard Sewage? A New Septic System Installation in Stanwood WA May be Needed Jul16


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Smell Backyard Sewage? A New Septic System Installation in Stanwood WA May be Needed

When a homeowner can smell sewage in their yard and sees patches of very green grass, they might suspect they have a failed septic system. They can call a company that provides complete septic services to confirm their suspicions. A technician will use a camera to inspect the septic tank, distribution box, and leaching field. This allows them to see the exact location of the system, the materials used to construct it, and its condition. They will then carefully explain their findings to the homeowner. If the septic system has failed, then a new septic system installation in Stanwood WA, is the only answer.

A septic system uses the soils that surround it to treat the sewage. The rate at which the sewage moves through the soil determines its effectiveness. Dense soils can make it difficult for the sewage to move through it while sandy soils permit the sewage to move through it too quickly. This is such an important public health issue that local health codes dictate the type of septic system allowed for the type of soil that will surround it.

Therefore, the first step in septic system installation in Stanwood WA is to conduct a percolation test. A registered sanitarian representing the city will watch as a test hole is dug and filled with water. They will then measure how much time it takes for the water to drain out of the hole. In addition to the soil type, the contractor will also consider the size and topography of the yard and the size of the home to design the septic system.

Because the septic tank and leaching field are placed below the ground surface, homeowners can expect major excavation in the yard. The contractor will take pictures before they begin the process. After it is completed, landscape features including patios, walkways, and retaining walls will be replaced.

Homeowners often fear that they won’t be able to stay in their home while the new system is being installed. They are relieved to find out that they can stay in their house and even use the toilets and sinks. Homeowners who feel they may have a problem can contact a company such as Johnny’s Septic Service.

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