Some Additional Services Provided by a Moving Company in Connecticut

When people are planning to move to a different place of residence, this tends to be a busy and somewhat stressful time. They may feel frazzled because there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. A Moving Company in Connecticut may offer a variety of services in addition to transporting belongings from the original location to the destination.

Packing Belongings

For instance, for a reasonable extra charge, the movers may also pack belongings into boxes and plastic totes. They carefully wrap all fragile items and make sure breakable objects cannot bang together in containers. Many people like to have this project done for them because they just don’t have the time before a big move.

Movers generally do not cover any damage that occurs as a result of the customers’ ineffective packing, but they do cover damage when the workers do the task. Since these workers are trained and experienced in packing all sorts of items, damage is extremely unlikely.

Unpacking Boxes and Containers

Unpacking also may be offered by the Moving Company in Connecticut, although someone will need to direct the workers as to where everything should be placed. That means boxes and other containers should be marked clearly as to which room the possessions belong to. Having movers do this task saves the customers a substantial amount of time. It also means the job gets done quickly. Often, people tend to unpack their possessions gradually except for the necessities, spreading out the work for weeks.

Protective Supplies

A company such as Anthony Augliera Moving Storage & Theatrical Transfer may cover upholstered furniture in shrink-wrap plastic to keep it safe. Blankets protect wood furniture. Wardrobe boxes can be purchased for convenient clothing transport.

Appreciating the Extra Time

Many people have a goal of spending as little as possible on moving their belongings. Others are willing to pay a bit more for the additional services offered by moving companies. They may want to be with family and friends if this move will be a good distance away. People in the family may be working and attending school right up to the moving date. Being able to hand off the packing and unpacking tasks is a relief. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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