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Some of the Services Offered by a Dental Clinic in Philadelphia

There are several things a modern dental clinic in Philadelphia can provide, so there’s no need to stick to a dentist who is limited to fillings and cleanings. By choosing an office with a wider range of services, you’ll enjoy much more convenience than would otherwise be available. Not only that, having multiple specialists under one roof makes it easy to get a fully-integrated treatment plan that can cover everything from root canals to cosmetic dentistry. Here are some of the major categories of the services you can expect at a clinic like Absolute Smile:

Essential Offerings

These are the offerings that you can find at any general dentist. What makes them essential is that everyone with teeth needs services like cleanings and check-ups. Most will also need at least an occasional filling, so this service is essential as well.

Advanced Restorations

When a filling isn’t enough to fix a tooth, something more advanced must be done. Often, this involves root canal therapy. Using a full-service dentist allows you to avoid having to drive far away to find an endodontist to perform the work. Instead, you can just step one room over to get everything you need.

Some restorations are more of a cosmetic nature. If you have a tooth that’s chipped, irrevocably stained, or otherwise cosmetically damaged, you can get it restored with a porcelain veneer. With veneers, a thin layer of your tooth is ground down and then the porcelain is bonded to the surface. In just a couple of visits, you have great-looking teeth without the need for extensive work.


For a variety of reasons, teeth cannot always be saved. Artificial teeth are used to replace anything from one missing tooth to an entire mouthful. Nowadays, the term is no longer synonymous with dentures or bridges. Implants are the latest entrant into this category, and they surpass the older technologies in every way. This is because they replace the root along with the crown, while older solutions only deal with the upper parts of missing teeth. A properly-installed dental implant feels nothing like an old-fashioned “false tooth.” If you’re missing any teeth, ask a dental clinic in Philadelphia about this solution.

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