Start a New Fitness Program With Us

Not all fitness programs are the same, and The Max Challenge is not your normal fitness center in Marlton NJ. We are not a gym where you go to lift weights or run on the elliptical trainer for an hour. We are a fitness challenge that is designed to accommodate your current level of fitness and help you reach your fitness potential. We help you set goals and achieve them.

The Max Challenge is a unique combo of cardio and strength training. No two sessions are alike, and no two classes are alike. The ten-week session that you sign up for is customized to your needs. Our instructors can modify exercises to meet your needs at each class. As you get stronger and faster, the instructors will continue to change the exercises in order to help you progress toward your fitness goals.

We are not a typical gym, and our instructors do more than yell out instructions. They act as personal trainers and life coaches. They guide you and offer inspiration to do your personal best. Our classes are not competitive, and we aim to provide you with a fun environment that makes you want to come back. We welcome you to sign up for another session even if you have done a ten-week program with us in the past. You can keep enrolling in the ten-week programs to advance your level of fitness and your knowledge of healthy eating and portion control.

When you are interested in a fitness challenge that is unlike any other at a fitness center in Marlton NJ, contact us at The MAX Challenge of Marlton. You can also sign up or learn more by visiting us online.

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