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Steps Completed by Divorce Attorneys in Auburn, Indiana

In Indiana, divorce petitioners follow guidelines provided by an attorney. They must complete specific forms and provide evidence of their residency to start these proceedings. Next, they provide details about their spouse such as their current address. The following are the steps to be completed by divorce attorneys in Auburn, Indiana for these proceedings.

Serve the Defendant with the Divorce Motion

The first step is to file the motion with the court and serve the defendant. The petitioner provides the last known address to their attorney for these purposes. Unless the couple comes into the attorney’s office together to acquire a divorce, the attorney must utilize an officer of the court to deliver these documents to the defendant. The officer will acquire a signature from the defendant to establish that they received the documents.

Create an Amicable Agreement

The attorney works with the petitioner to create an amicable agreement. This agreement must identify the exact divorce grounds and explain when the couple separated. It must present a plan to divide all marital property and establish if either party wishes to receive alimony.

Create a Child Custody and Support Arrangement

A child custody and support arrangement must be determined for all couples who have children. These arrangements define what party has primary custody of the child. They also explain a plan for visitation. The child support arrangement must be based on the state’s guidelines for child support based on the earning capacity of both parties and the total number of children.

Conduct Mediation to Avoid a Trial

If the couple cannot achieve an agreement, the next step is mediation. This process enables both parties to grieve their differences about each term of the divorce agreement. They can negotiate and arrive at a solution, or they must schedule a divorce trial.

In Indiana, divorce petitioners start the divorce process by securing an attorney. The attorney guides them through all procedures required for these cases. The attorney also helps them deliver the documents to their spouse and generate a solution that may be agreeable to both parties. Petitioners who need to hire divorce attorneys in Auburn, Indiana can contact Yoder & Kraus for more information now.

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