Steps For Flood Damage Restoration In Fountain, CO May29


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Steps For Flood Damage Restoration In Fountain, CO

In Colorado, homeowners hire specialists to manage flood damage after the major natural disasters. The effects could lead to further damage if immediate action isn’t taken. Flood insurance policies offer assistance for paying for the specialty and restoration services. A local service provider offers Flood Damage Restoration in Fountain CO and helps homeowners process flood claims.

Water Extraction and Mold Inspections

The first step in remediating flood damage is to remove all the water from the property. The technicians review all areas of the property where water is visible. They examine the basement and foundation as well. Once the water is eliminated, a mold inspection is conducted. The technicians will test the mold to identify its species and treat it according to EPA regulations.

Removing Damaged Items

Furniture and carpeting should be removed completely if they were damaged during the flood. The restoration service provides waste management services for all damaged items. The technicians cut out the carpet and the padding. The tack strips are removed if they are damaged as well.

Assessing the Sheetrock and Cabinetry

The technicians review the sheetrock and cabinetry for damage. Any damage discovered is managed promptly. The restoration services include sheetrock replacement and painting services. If the cabinets are damaged, the restoration service will replace the cabinets completely. The improvements could also provide the property owner with new countertops and appliances.

Replacing the Flooring

The funds provided through the insurance claim defines the total budget for restoration options. When addressing the flooring, the property owner can review all available products based on their preferences. Carpeting, wood flooring, and tiles are popular choices for residential properties. The technicians install the flooring during the last phase of the restoration. If any inspections are needed, the technicians schedule the services.

In Colorado, homeowners contact a restoration service after flood damage occurs. Through the services, all flood water is extracted and mold is treated. Any damaged items in the property are removed and eliminated from the property. All sheetrock, cabinets and flooring are replaced during the process. Property owners who need flood damage restoration in Fountain CO can check out for more details today.

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