Steps of Termite Treatment in Adelaide Homes

Termites are a significant problem across Australia, including homes and commercial buildings in the Adelaide area. For homeowners, preventative programs to reduce the risk of termite infestation are highly recommended to reduce the cost of dealing with termites once they’ve become a problem in the home.

Many homeowners are not aware of the benefit of termite treatment options throughout the construction process. The top pest control services in the Adelaide area are able to work with new construction projects and custom home builds to prevent the development of subterranean termite access to the building. This preventative treatment can help to reduce the potential damage that termites can cause, while also offering homeowners and home-building contractors peace of mind in protecting their investment.


The first step in any termite treatment is to determine if termites are, in fact, the cause of the problem. There are many types of termites, all with different living and eating habits, as well as various impacts on homes and properties.

With an experienced pest control service, the company will check homes and businesses to determine the specific type of termite present. Exterminators then relay that information to the property owner, along with recommended treatment options.

Effective Treatment Plans

Your property’s specific termite treatment plan is based on the termite colonies found on the property, as well as the most effective and environmentally-friendly treatment options. With the right treatment, current colonies can be eliminated, and future infestations prevented, providing homeowners in the Adelaide area with the security that their home is safe from these unwelcome guests.

For more information on termite treatment options for homeowners in the Adelaide area, turn to the experts at Flick Pest Control.

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