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Styling Your Hotel so That It Feels Like Home for Your Guests

Before opening a hotel, the architectural design on the outside and on the inside of the building should be taken into consideration. You want to design a property that’s attractive to guests while offering comfort so that they feel as though they are at home. A company that focuses on hotel architecture design in Dublin area can offer assistance if you’re unsure of the colors to use or the fine details to incorporate.

Making an Entrance
The lobby is one of the areas of your hotel that you need to focus on because it’s the first thing that guests will see when they arrive. A spacious lobby with plenty of seating is a place to start before adding in details like a magazine rack or beautiful lights that hang over the front desk. The lobby area should focus on the guests who stay at your hotel and the potential guests you want to attract.

Amenity Details
Once the lobby has been established, you should try to focus on the hallways and the amenities that are offered by the hotel. These could include a breakfast area, gym, indoor pool, or a business center. Each area should be set apart from another to allow guests a bit of privacy and to offer plenty of space for guests to move around. Try to incorporate as much natural lighting as possible in these areas as it can deliver more of an inviting appearance.

Comfortable Rooms
The rooms are also an essential area where you want to spend quite of your design time. A company that offers hotel architecture design in Dublin can examine the details of the hotel before styling rooms that blend with the colors, patterns, and the personality of the business. Each room should feature a balanced look and feel along with a few modern touches, such as larger beds, comfortable bedding, and larger televisions. The goal of the hotel is to make guests feel like they are at home while they are traveling.

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