Suspension Bushings: Why Replace Them Oct22


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Suspension Bushings: Why Replace Them

Most people don’t think much about their cars or their suspension system, but these two things go hand in hand. When you’re driving down the street, you don’t want to feel every little pebble or bump in the road. Primarily, the car is supported and cushioned with the suspension bushings, which are mounted on the steering and suspension joints to absorb these little shocks. This also helps to reduce vibration and noise. As they go bad, you’re likely to feel the bumps in the road a little more. Therefore, you might feel some shimmying from the front or hear rattling and clunking on rough roads. These signs should not be ignored.

Problem Solving Bushings offers a variety of bushings for almost any make and model. Therefore, you can easily find the right ones for your needs. As such, this company only provides polyurethane products, so you don’t have to worry about the inferiority of rubber. Poly products are recognized for performance and can be up to three times more durable than OEM rubber components. The company stands by its love of polyurethane by offering a lifetime warranty on its bushings. You can rest easy knowing that these products are going to last for as long as you have your car (and then some).

Control arm bushings are also available. It is important to have these cushions because the control arm has to swing down and up as your front wheels go over potholes and bumps. Most roads are not well-kept, which means the vehicle is likely to run over a lot of things each day. As such, the arms see a lot of use, and the ball joints can wear out quickly. You may notice that the car wanders as you steer or you have vibrations in the wheel. Don’t delay, order your new bushings today!

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