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Take Advantage Of Data Center Solutions

There are two main options for operating servers for any business. One is to use in-house servers, which are housed and maintained within the business itself. The other option is to take advantage of the flexible data center solutions offered around the world.

Having the server in-house is no longer an advantage for a small to mid-sized company, as the cost of maintaining, powering, and upgrading these systems is significant. This does not take into consideration the need for dedicated IT professionals, and the downtime issue should the server fail.
Using quality providers offering data center solutions that are customized for your business eliminates these costs and failure risk factors. Uptime is significantly higher, with up to 99.995% possible with the top providers.

Options in Cloud Technology

One of the best reasons to consider data center solutions over in-house servers is the flexibility offered in plans and options. The best data centers have a variety of cloud options, including private, public, and hybrid clouds, as well as specialized clouds for different industries and security requirements.

These solutions also include the option for the business to access pay per use solutions for backup, security, storage, and disaster recovery. Businesses can choose the services they need and tailor their costs to meet their budget.

Of course, using a data center eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance on servers. Data centers provide proactive monitoring of all equipment, ensuring early detection of any signs of server issues before any downtime occurs. Through this proactive monitoring and backup systems throughout the facility, they are able to guarantee uptime rates that are not possible with in-house servers.

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