Technology for Teeth Bleaching in Indianapolis IN Apr10


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Technology for Teeth Bleaching in Indianapolis IN

The process of professional teeth bleaching in Indianapolis IN at the dentist office took quite some time because the gel needed to dry and harden on the surface. The advances of technology have shortened that time through the addition of a laser with an LED light. This is used to boost the hydrogen peroxide gel for deeper bleaching.


Dark colored foods, wine, coffee and tea, some medications, poor nutrition, smoking, and brushing habits are common ways that teeth become stained and dull. The combination of the gel and laser can result in teeth bleaching in Indianapolis IN that is up to twelve shades whiter than teeth before the process began. The individual extent of the whitening depends on the degree of staining, the proper care of teeth during the whole process, and behavior moving forward from the treatment.

Whitening Steps

The first treatment for whitening will last for approximately forty-five minutes. Gel will be applied to teeth and the laser used three times in fifteen-minute increments. Patients will rinse in between for a fresh feeling and to get excess gel off teeth.

Patients will be sent home with enough gel and a tray to whiten for the next fourteen-nights. The second appointment will be scheduled two-weeks after the first. That will last for one-hour and the process will be completed for six-months to twelve-months.

After Care

It is important to know that the whitening process opens the pores on the surface enamel. That will last for two-days and make teeth vulnerable to stains. It is recommended to avoid dark foods, smoking, wine, and caffeine for that time.

Brushing and flossing well is essential to remove all particles from the mouth to prevent any from sticking to the teeth. The extra care will be worth the time because the results will last longer. To get complete details on the process and what results to expect, check out

Other Options to Improve the Smile

Whitening is one way to guarantee a bright smile, but will not correct gaps, crooked teeth, or inconsistent shapes. Bonding is a process that attaches one or two new composite overlays to teeth that are crooked. To make the whole smile consistent is size, shape, and color, veneers are used to cover the entire surface of the teeth.

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