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The 3 Best Dual-Sport Trails in the West

If you own a dual-sport bike, you’re probably looking to use it. But where can you find the perfect trail to let loose your inner biker? Fortunately, the western United States is brimming with trails and back roads that are perfect for a good old fashioned dual-sports adventure. But you probably don’t just want any old dual-sports trail, you want the best ones there are. If you are one such biker who won’t accept anything less than the best for their dual-sport bike trail, read on for 3 of the best trails in the western United States.

New Mexico: Carlsbad to Cloudcroft

Taking riders from the tip of the Texas border all the way through the Sacramento and Guadalupe districts of Lincoln National Forest, this trail will sate any thirst for a taste of the southwest. The trail features many variants in altitude (the highest elevation being around 3,000 ft.) and a length of time spent riding that guarantees many beautiful sights along the way. If you’re in the area, and are in the mood for a pulse pounding, awe-inspiring ride through the southwest, you can’t do much better than this.

California: The Bishop 3-day Dual-Sport Ride

This 3 day spanning adventure through the forests and mountains of California will satisfy anyone looking to have some unconventional fun in the Golden State. Indeed, this trail takes you through a part of this glorious state that most people don’t think of when California comes to mind. From dense, lush forests, to jaw dropping canyons, and of course the dizzying heights of the mountains, this trail will take you through the best that California’s environment has to offer. Follow the trail or chart your own course, the Bishop 3-day Dual Sport Ride is sure to be fun for you and your entire biking group.

Idaho: The East-West Dual-Sport Tour

Living up to its name, this dual-sport trail takes you from one state border all the way to the other. Designed specifically with dual-sport specialists in mind, this trail takes you on a guided tour of the beautiful wilderness of southern Idaho. From dirt roads, to primitive trails, to standard pavement, your bike will get deeply acquainted with every type of road there is in the Gem state. If you need help plotting a course, don’t worry, as photographs, maps, and GPS beacons are aplenty, and fully available to you to help you chart out the perfect course.

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