The Advantages of Having Granite Countertops in Your Port St. Lucie home

There are many reasons to have granite countertops installed in the kitchen or bathrooms of your home. Granite countertops have both practical and aesthetic advantages, and they are well worth the investment

Aesthetic Advantages

For starters, granite countertop installation in Port St. Lucie, Florida, is a good idea simply because the stone looks fantastic. It will impress visitors and also enhance the appeal of your home in the event that you decide to sell one day. Furthermore, because granite comes in many colors, you can select the one you want to express yourself and boost the “wow factor” of your kitchen or bathrooms.

Practical advantages

Granite is one of the most heat-resistant materials used for countertops. Although it’s recommended that you use a trivet, hot pans or skillets can usually be set on them without causing damage. Additionally, granite is very hard to scratch; if you cut something on it, the damage is more likely to be to your knives than the granite.

Many contractors are able to install granite countertops on a kitchen island without leaving any seams. In l-shaped applications where seams are inevitable, they can be covered up with sealant. In short, granite surfaces often have an elegant and seamless appearance.

You can have granite countertops cut around the sink of your choice, and it’s common to use undermount sinks for waste removal. For granite countertop installation in Port St. Lucie, Florida, and much more, turn to the friendly team at Jay’s Floors And More.

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