The Advantages of Xeriscaping for Edmonton Residential Property Owners May14


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The Advantages of Xeriscaping for Edmonton Residential Property Owners

The Edmonton region is sunny and dry. It does not receive much rain, except during the summer. It also does not have a great deal of snowfall even with the city being located so far north. Because of this, many residential property owners have become interested in xeriscaping in Edmonton. This type of landscaping focuses on native plants that are resistant to dry conditions and even to drought.

Natural Landscaping With No Irrigation

This is a more natural form of landscaping, making it helpful for the environment in distinctive ways. Xeriscaping in Edmonton also is beneficial for the property owner, who does not have to spend extra money on water in the yard. An irrigation system or other form of watering should be unnecessary unless the owners choose to have some areas of lawn grass.

Stones and Native Plants

Many customers of a xeriscaping service like having a blend of native plants and rock gardens. Colorful granite is an example of a natural stone that might be used for this purpose. Smooth stones and pebbles also can be brought to the site to function as materials to surround various kinds of drought-resistant greenery.

The Problem With Turf

People who like the look of a lush green lawn may be tempted to have the turf installed. However, this looks unnatural except for a distance. Residential property owners become dissatisfied with this material quickly and opt for something different. Xeriscaping projects can be developed and put in place by HML Landscape Design & Construction, which provides details at

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