The Basics Of The AwesomeCloud Reseller Hosting Program Apr28


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The Basics Of The AwesomeCloud Reseller Hosting Program

Many IT companies would love to be able to provide their customers with cloud-based solutions to their computing needs. Unfortunately, the cost and the technical knowledge and time required to build and maintain a cloud infrastructure makes this a challenge for even a large IT company.

Instead of creating and maintaining your own cloud infrastructure, you can partner with AwesomeCloud through our reseller hosting program. We will do all the maintaining and infrastructure work, and you can resell quality, dependable, reliable, and highly cost-effective cloud services to your customers.

Through our programs you can offer IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service, SaaS or Software as a Service, as well as Business Continuity, which focuses on having continual backup services and same day restoration of data in the case of a disaster with the on-premise data storage systems.

Partnering with Us

To get started, you will simply need to register with us. This is also an opportunity for us to learn more about you and your business, as well as what you anticipate will be requested and required by your customers with regards to white label cloud services.

Although some providers immediately start to charge for their reseller hosting program, we do not have any fees or monthly spending thresholds. This takes all the pressure off of you and allows you to determine how much or how little you wish to market the service.

As our resellers become more aware of all the benefits they can offer their clients through the cloud services, we find that the resellers naturally begin to grow and expand based on the needs of their customers.

Pay as you Go

Perhaps à la carte is a better way to put it than pay as you go, but that really is the basics of our reseller program. As you find customers interested in cloud-based solutions for their business, you simply let our networking team know of the sale, and they will design a custom solution for your clients.

You will be able to set your own prices, and as long as your customer continues to use the service you will earn monthly revenue. With full control over end-pricing, you can determine how much or how little profit you want to make, which gives you management over the marketing of cloud-based solutions through our reseller hosting program.

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