The Basics To Enjoy Matcha Powder Nov21


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The Basics To Enjoy Matcha Powder

Matcha is a powdered form of green tea that has been traditionally used throughout Japan. The cured tea leaves undergo a process that powders the entire leaf so it can be added to water and consumed.

The obvious benefit of using matcha powder over whole green tea leaves is that the full leaf is consumed when whisked with hot water. With green tea made from leaves, only the remaining tea is consumed, the leaf with all the phytonutrients and many antioxidants is thrown away.

Caffeine and Green Tea

Green tea leaves contain caffeine, and so does matcha powder in Los Angeles. As mentioned above, since the entire leaf is consumed, matcha has a higher level of caffeine than whole leaf green tea.

However, most people in Los Angeles find that the effects of matcha and green tea are less pronounced than the caffeine found in coffee, sodas, and energy drinks. It tends to create feelings of energy and focus rather than the jittery energy associated with coffee.

How to Use Matcha

Used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, matcha powder is first sifted and then a small amount of hot water is added. A traditional bamboo whisk called a chasen is used to disperse the powder in the water. A frother or a basic whisk can also be used. Hot water is then added to fill the cup or add hot or steamed milk for a matcha latte.

Matcha has a slightly bitter umami flavor. If desired, a few drops of honey or your favorite sweeter can be added. Matcha powder can also be added to savory dishes, baked goods, and smoothies for a unique taste that is a favorite in many Los Angeles homes and restaurants.

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