The Benefits and Uses of ECG Machines May15


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The Benefits and Uses of ECG Machines

An electrocardiogram machine is a vital medical device that is used to measure heart health. These machines employ a series of sensors placed on the patient’s body to detect and quantify the electrical activity generated by the muscle tissue that makes up the heart. ECG and EKG are two terms that can be used interchangeably to refer to the same procedure. The difference in the abbreviation comes from the German translation of the term electrocardiogram. ECG simulators, as the name would suggest, are machines that are used to train medical professionals to perform and understand the results of ECG tests.

Conducting an ECG Examination

An ECG test may be performed while the patient is at rest or in motion. An at-rest exam provides basic baseline information on the individual’s overall heart health. Administering the ECG while the patient is walking or running on a treadmill looks at how the heart responds to stress and physical activity. A trained ultrasound or sonography technician must supervise ECG tests.

Interpreting ECG Results

The data gathered by an ECG machine is used to determine if the patient has an underlying heart problem or has experienced an earlier heart attack. The test can detect an irregular heartbeat, any enlargement of the heart, and damage to the heart muscle and the nearby blood vessels. Some types of ECG tests also measure how effectively the heart and lungs work together to transport oxygen-rich blood throughout the body.

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