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The Benefits of a Tanning Ledge Pool in Lake Orion, Michigan

A backyard swimming pool enables people to have an enjoyable recreation area and a workout opportunity. The available extras and features not only allow people to create a beautiful feature but to custom design a space that offers everything they want. One of the most popular options with customers today is a tanning ledge.

Useful Added Features

The shallow shelf that makes up a tanning ledge pool in Lake Orion MI is for more than just bronzing the skin. When built into the pool, the shelf allows people to walk into the deeper water safely and gradually. The shallow water is useful for homes with small children that want to splash around, and it gives everyone a place to sit and relax in the sunshine while staying cool.

Beautiful Visual Feature

The choice to install a tanning ledge pool in Lake Orion MI gives the homeowner a unique swimming area that has more visual interest than the average rectangular pool. The shelf adds a stylish look to the pool design that can go alongside the pool as well as built directly inside.

Beneficial Space Saver

Tanning ledges built into the actual pool are a great location for lounge chairs. It is an interesting conversation area that allows everyone to recline and enjoy the sun, while still in the water. In small yards, it makes it possible to have a larger pool without the worry of inadequate space for seating.

Safe Swimming Area

The shallow water of the tanning areas works well as a place to introduce young children to the pool and safely teach them to swim. If the tanning ledge is inside the pool, anyone supervising children can relax comfortably in their chair while still staying within reach of their little ones. As an add-on, the small section makes it possible for smaller kids to play nearby without being splashed or bumped into by older kids and adults.

A tanning ledge is just one of the many ways to adapt in-ground swimming pools to meet the preferences of any homeowner. The simple addition of a small feature does not add much to the overall cost but can greatly improve the look and functionality of the pool. Get more information about this feature, and all others available before any design plans take place.

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