The Benefits of Running an Oil Change Business Jun15


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The Benefits of Running an Oil Change Business

Perhaps you have always wanted to run your own automotive service but it was just too expensive and troublesome to open up a garage. However, the automotive field offers many business opportunities. Just about everyone owns a vehicle and the average car gets at least 12,000 miles of use each year. You might want to consider specializing in oil changes and with the right business plan from one of the best Shell Oil distributors, you could enjoy a successful operation.

What Does an Oil Change Shop Do?

All car engines should have the oil changed at regular intervals. This gives you a perfect source for repeat customers. The more a customer drives, the more he or she will need these services. Oil change shops change engine oil and usually top off all fluids. These are the basic services they provide.

Separating Your Business from the Others

The more services you can offer, the better chance you have of earning new and repeat customers. For example, which service would you want to use? A standard oil change shop or a shop which also washes your car? Even if you pay a dollar or so more, this is a very attractive offer.

Service Certificate Programs

Did you know some Shell Oil Distributors offer service certificate programs? When customers receive an oil change from you, you can give them a certificate, which they mail to the distributor with a copy of your receipt. In return, they receive a certificate good for $3 or $5 off their next oil change service. This is a good strategy to keep customers coming back to you.

More Separation Strategies

One can only afford to offer so many bonus services, but you can take it a step further when you provide an upgraded customer waiting area. For example, most places have a television, a few chairs and maybe a coffee pot. If you invest in some comfortable chairs and decorate like a home interior (instead of an impersonal and cold atmosphere of a business) your customers will feel much more comfortable.

It’s All About Feeling at Home

The more you can take your customers minds off the fact they are waiting, the more likely they will return time and time again. Simple pleasures like home baked cookies and providing a play area for children can make a big difference in your business. In addition, Shell Oil distributors offer a wide range of lubrication and anti-freeze products and the more choices your customers have, the more they will appreciate your service.

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