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The Benefits Of Selecting Mahogany Doors

For use as an exterior or interior door, it is hard to beat the beauty and durability of mahogany doors. This wood, which has long been a staple in elegance and classic door design and construction, continues to the be one of the most popular options for amazing door designs for homes of all sizes, styles and designs.

To understand why mahogany doors are still perhaps the standard to which other doors are measured, it is important to take the time to learn about the wood and why it is such a great choice.

Color Options

Many people assume mahogany doors are very dark red, but this is because of the traditional stain color used on the doors. Mahogany wood itself will vary in color from a very light red, almost a pink, to a dark reddish brown.

As such, the red tones, darker red, brown and combinations of red and brown stains are a perfect match with the wood. You can also leave this wood with a more natural stain to just highlight the color, giving a more subdued yet still incredible color option.

Natural Grain

All top quality mahogany doors will have a fine but noticeable grain that is fairly consistent throughout the wood. There are some inferior types of “look alike” woods which less than reputable dealers may try to pass off as mahogany, but the variation in the grain will be a giveaway.

The uniform grain also makes mahogany doors some of the most common hard carved and designed doors. The grain is so even it is possible to carve very intricate designs without any fear of hitting soft or hard spots in the wood, or having to work with a heavy grain.


Many people are surprised to find that mahogany doors can last for generations provided they are sealed and maintained as necessary. With the new UV stains and sealants, this is not an ongoing maintenance and no more care than required with any other type of door.

Mahogany, as a wood, will naturally repel insects as well. This means your mahogany doors will be much more resistant to chewing insects as compared to other types of woods, even when treated.

Last but not least, mahogany doors just look amazing. They have the look of truly handcrafted doors and often feature amazing windows, sidelights and transom designs that just add to the beauty of exterior doors.

To learn more about the different styles of mahogany doors offered at Nick’s Building Supply, Inc. look us up online. Don’t forget to check out our gallery of finished projects at website You can also follow us on Google+ for more information.

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