The Benefits Of Using A Professional Furniture Storage Service In Bonita Springs FL Feb05


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The Benefits Of Using A Professional Furniture Storage Service In Bonita Springs FL

Whether a piece of furniture is a treasured antique or an expensive modern creation, it is essential to keep it protected from natural elements that will harm the surface and overall structural integrity of the unit. It may seem that moving furniture without the help of a professional is a great way to save money, but often leads to personal injury and excess damage that leaves furniture unusable. A professional furniture storage service in Bonita Springs FL will assist with moving and safely storing a wide range of items.

Climate Controlled Storage

A drastic change in temperature and increased levels of humidity wreak havoc on wood furniture by causing expansion and contraction, which may cause veneer surfaces to peel or leave drawers impossible to open. Climate controlled facilities maintain a set temperature year round which reduces the effects of extreme heat and cold and the amount of moisture present in the air.

Professional Moving

Moving large furniture is backbreaking work, and not having the proper tools on hand only increases the propensity of injury and damage. A moving and furniture storage service in Bonita Springs FL will have cloth pads, bubble wrap, and other protective equipment that will reduce the chance of damage and prevent the owner from having to lift a finger. Hiring a professional also saves time, which is invaluable during a stressful relocation.

Reduced Liability

If the owner of a piece of furniture is the one that damages it, then they are responsible for fixing it. A moving and storage company will have liability insurance that will cover the repair or replacement of any damaged items. Hiring a mover alleviates worry and prevents the owner of the furniture from absorbing all of the liability associated with a move.

The proper storage of furniture will keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Rice’s Moving and Storage is a leading provider of short and long-term storage options and has more than 40 years experience. Get more information about the services they provide by checking out their website or call today to get a free quote and see how affordable protecting priceless furniture should be.

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