The Benefits of Vibration Analysis in San Antonio

Vibration analysis is a procedure used to detect faults in industrial equipment. It is used to check the health of equipment and identify possible causes of a breakdown way before it actually occurs. It helps businesses to save money by ensuring there is no disruption in production due to equipment malfunctions.

A lot of businesses only know their equipment has a problem when there is a breakdown. This means losses are incurred because production is stopped while repairs are carried out. This article explains the basics of vibration testing and also looks at its benefits.

The process of vibration testing

Any rotating machinery produces a unique vibration pattern. In vibration analysis, a transducer detects vibration signals, and these signals are transmitted to a data collection device. This repetitive vibration pattern is recorded in a series that forms a time waveform.

A person can be able to tell the state of the vibrating part of the machine from studying the time waveform. It can be hard to isolate the waveform needed because normally, a lot of parts and surfaces are vibrating at the same time. There is an algorithm called the Fast Fourier Transform used to identify individual vibration patterns.

The vibration analysis process can be broken down into three basic steps:

1. Isolation of the vibration peaks for each component on the machine.

2. Usage of vibration rules to identify patterns in the data

3. Determination of the severity of the fault by measuring the vibration’s amplitude


Vibration Analysis in San Antonio helps business owners in the area to maintain fairly steady revenue flows by preventing disruption in production. Many businesses operating in San Antonio have an impressive safety record thanks to vibration analysis. Budgeting is also easier because there are no unexpected maintenance expenses.

The lifespan of equipment is extended since breakdowns rarely occur. Maintenance staff membersĀ are more efficient as they have more time to plan and to get required parts. The management is aware of maintenance schedules and is able to confidently make production estimates.

Many businesses ignore vibration analysis because they lack knowledge regarding its benefits. For more information about Vibration Analysis in San Antonio click here.

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