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The Best Times to Schedule Pool Maintenance Service in Newnan, GA

Pool maintenance isn’t an enjoyable part of pool ownership, but it’s necessary to keep the water clean and the pool equipment working. Many first-time pool owners might hire a pool maintenance service in Newnan, GA, for an initial pool cleaning, but don’t schedule any more services throughout the year. Regular pool maintenance doesn’t stop when the cooler weather arrives. It’s something that pool owners need to know about all year long.

Weekly Pool Maintenance

A weekly pool check is essential for maintaining water clarity and ensuring proper sanitation. The weekly maintenance done includes tasks such as checking alkalinity levels, chlorine levels, and pH levels. Pool owners should also skim the pool surface and remove any debris from the bottom of the pool.

Monthly Pool Maintenance

Keeping track of chemical levels and checking for algae growth is still an important part of monthly checks. Monthly maintenance is also good for checking the pool for any damage. If the pool has a liner, it needs to be checked for any tears or holes. Pool services will check concrete, fiberglass, and gunite pools for cracks.

Annual Pool Maintenance

When it’s time for pool season to end, a Pool Maintenance Service In Newnan, GA, will close up the pool and maintain its chemical integrity while not in use. It’s important to close the pool correctly to make it easier to open it in the spring. Pool owners who hire pool services to help them with annual maintenance have fewer problems and spend less money getting their pool ready to use.

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