The Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services Funeral Home Services Oakland, CA

Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services Funeral Home Services Oakland, CA

Losing a loved one is always a very difficult thing. When you are going through this hard time, it can be hard to deal with the planning of funeral and cemetery services. The catholic church can help you through the grieving process. One of the ways they can help you through this process is by taking care of the cremation, funeral, and cemetery services for your loved one.


The Diocese of Oakland offers guidance for these funeral and cemetery services in Oakland, CA. Nevertheless, funerals are moments for togetherness and remembrance. Since these churches conduct service in a spirit of faith, you will be consoled. Everyone’s family is given a thoughtful service, celebrating the life of those lost.

They ameliorate painful feelings with a vigil and visitation. During this time, everyone gathers and prays, supporting the family. Typically, these occur at a parish church or funeral home. By utilizing prayer, scripture, song, and stories, the deceased is remembered.

Following the vigil, the parish members perform a funeral liturgy. Consequently, this is the funeral’s primary celebration, and it reaffirms life. These rites are conducted to remember Christ’s sacrifice, reminding us of his rebirth. Afterward, the mass occurs with the body present.

The Committal is the final service and time of interment. Generally, there is a short invitation using scripture verses and prayer. Once everyone has prepared, church members put the deceased in their resting place. However, some families prefer burying cremated remains, and this is available. In addition, the church offers financial assistance through its Mission Programs.

Contact Cathedral of Christ the Light Mausoleum for funeral and cemetery services.

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