The Differences Between Yellow Gold and White Gold Jewelry & Why It Matters Apr22


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The Differences Between Yellow Gold and White Gold Jewelry & Why It Matters

Yellow gold jewelry is the hallmark of wealth. If you can afford gold jewelry, with or without precious stones, you have money to spend. That said, you may be in the market to buy some new yellow gold jewelry, but white gold jewelry is catching your eye. What is the difference between these two types of gold? Does it matter what you invest in in the long run so long as it’s gold? Those questions are answered below.

White Gold Contains Other Metals

Entranced by the look of titanium, some wealthy individuals wanted jewelry made from the stuff. However, they didn’t want to give up their yellow gold entirely. A jeweler set about combing amounts of zinc and nickel with yellow gold to produce white gold, making it a less pure form of gold than yellow gold. The result is a percentage of yellow gold made to look almost silver and it doesn’t quite have the same value.

Purer Yellow Gold Maintains Its Value and Increases in Value All Over the World

White gold is not as widely traded internationally. Its value is not as great in other countries. As such, you can only have a worthwhile investment in jewelry if you are buying yellow gold in various purities, or karats. International jewelry sellers and buyers know right away how pure the gold is with a simple test or by looking for the maker’s mark. If you would like to buy or invest in yellow gold jewelry from an international seller, check out Yasini Jewelers via

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