The Different Stages of Substance Abuse Treatment in Minneapolis

Substance abuse treatment is a broad statement that people use to describe the process of getting help to overcome addictions to alcohol and drugs. While the overall goal of substance abuse treatment is the same, the methods vary depending on where one seeks substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis. Below is a general overview of what people can expect during the different stages of treatment.

The Intake Procedure

When a person decides to seek treatment for their addiction, the first stage is the intake procedure. During this meeting, the counselor for substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis will ask how long the person has used drugs or alcohol, how often they use it, how it affects their life, and an individualized treatment plan will be developed.

Detoxing and Abstinence

This stage is different for each person. A person who is actively using drugs or alcohol will need to detox to begin the abstinence stage. Detoxing should only be done under the care of a medical professional who understands the physiology of the withdrawal process. Most centers require that the person enters into in-patient care to complete the detox stage safely.

Maintaining Abstinence

This stage continues indefinitely and requires the person to commit to a healthier lifestyle, attend group meetings, and seek out alternatives to deal with stressors in their lives that don’t involve drinking or using drugs. During this stage, people will face obstacles that challenge their sobriety but are made easier with counseling and the support of family and friends.

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