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People tend to be aware of sheet vinyl flooring, perhaps because this was a common choice in older homes where they lived or visited while growing up. They might also have seen vinyl flooring installed in large squares. These men and women may be unaware of another option, vinyl plank flooring in Phoenix, which has become increasingly popular in residential settings. It can be crafted to look very much like wood, tile or stone, similar to the way laminate plank flooring can.

Moisture Resistance

As with laminate, vinyl plank flooring in Phoenix is often selected for kitchens and bathrooms where homeowners would like to have hardwood but worry about the effects of moisture and water spills. A child tracking rainwater into the room won’t cause water spots if the problem is noticed quickly. Vinyl actually is more resistant to moisture than laminate is.

Impressive Durability

Another consideration is that the greater durability of vinyl can prevent damage from sharp dog toenails as they run across the surface. Being more durable than wood, it is much less likely to be scratched if somebody pushes a heavy piece of furniture across the surface.

From Rustic to Elegant

Homeowners who want a rustic look for the home might choose vinyl planks that look like pine or weathered barn wood. The stone effect is also suitable for this purpose. A more elegant effect can be achieved with planks crafted to look like walnut, oak or maple. Although ceramic tile is easier to maintain than wood and looks beautiful in a kitchen or bathroom, homeowners may find that they save a fair bit of money by choosing vinyl manufactured to look like tile.

Ideal for All Residential Settings

Vinyl flooring, as installed by a company such as contact Homesolutionz, is so versatile, durable and moisture-resistant that it works in virtually any type of residential environment. Homeowners can have fun looking at all the different possibilities in colors, textures and styles. People tend to find the selection difficult to narrow down, but the process of visualizing the various effects inside the home is a pleasant one.

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