The Duties of a Pharmacy Technician in Chicago IL Mar22


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The Duties of a Pharmacy Technician in Chicago IL

Pharmacy technicians are very visible. They are the people who greet you and help you when you have a prescription filled. A pharmacy technician in Chicago IL is not a licensed pharmacist, nor is he or she simply a cashier. The wide-ranging responsibilities of the job ensure client safety.

A pharmacy technician’s duties are varied; the most important include:

Receiving and Confirming Orders for Prescription Drugs

The digital revolution has affected pharmacies, just as it has affected many other industries. Most prescriptions are digital. Upon receipt of the E-prescription, a pharmacy technician will verify insurance coverage before collection of the prescription by the patient.

Although E-prescriptions are increasingly important, written prescriptions are still used extensively. A pharmacy technician’s role is to obtain and confirm the patient’s information. The technician must verify the patient’s name, ensure the spelling is correct, as well as confirm the patient’s address, date-of-birth and any allergies.

Pharmacy technicians must be sticklers for detail. The slightest error on their part can have serious repercussions.

Customer Interaction

Customer service skills are necessary for pharmacy technicians. Technicians meet and greet customers, help them with their prescriptions, assist them in locating OTC medications and answer basic medical questions they might have.

Many people who visit a pharmacy are ill. Being sick and trying to deal with insurance is not easy. A pharmacy technician with a great personality and attitude can make the visit considerably more bearable.


Inventory management is a key duty of any pharmacy technician. Inventory management within the pharmacy includes performing scheduled counts on medications, checking expiry dates, and stocking inventory.

There is far more than meets the eye to working in a pharmacy. There are specific skills needed to succeed. A pharmacy technician must be a good communicator, organized, and detail oriented. Visit Northwest Suburban College for more information.

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