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The Exofit XP Harness Offers Comfort and Safety

The Exofit XP Harness is a universal harness that has been manufactured by DBI-SALA, which is the leading manufacturer in fall protection and prevention equipment. They are well known worldwide and their equipment is the best investment that anyone can make if they require these items to work. OSHA standards have changed quite a bit over the years, meaning their laws, rules and regulations have gotten more stringent.

OSHA’s main goal and focus has always been overall safety in the work environment, which includes employee safety. Any job that requires an employee to be off of the ground, at a distance of 4ft. or higher now requires the use of the proper fall protection and prevention equipment.

Clearly, if one requires the use of an Exofit XP Harness, they would like it to be comfortable, as well as, lightweight. This particular model is just that and is one hundred percent washable with removable padding. Over time, harnesses tend to collect a lot of sweat and dirt which can make them not so pleasant smelling, therefore the Exofit XP Harness was crafted with that in mind.

Another great feature that the Exofit XP Harness encompasses is that every harness uses 3-D state of the art mesh lining, which is placed there to wick moisture away. This allows the one who is wearing it to be kept much cooler throughout their workday. The ‘X’ back design is also padded but ensures that the harness can never become tangled. It maintains its shape and form more easily which also makes it much easier to put on, take off, and store.

All DBI-SALA equipment sports an ergonomic design that makes it more comfortable for people to wear and use, and all harnesses have the proper attachments for all tools and lanyards that would need a proper place to be connected to. All the equipment placed out by this company works together ensuring optimal safety for everyone.

The Exofit XP Harness is the most versatile, meaning that it is universal with many different connection points and configurations. These harnesses are not bound to usage in just one industry and are one of the most popular models that people choose to purchase for their work. Many harnesses have never really been thought of as being comfortable, but the Exofit XP harness, one can easily tell that the manufacturer was trying to create a harness that was functional and comfortable.

For those individuals who would like to be safe as well as comfortable throughout their workday, the Exofit XP Harness is a great option. 

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