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The Expanding Role of Robotic Technology in the Automotive Industry

For more than half of the century, collaborative robots companies have been working with the automotive industry. Robots are used in assembly lines and assist in a variety of manufacturing processes. It is safe to say that without the assistance of collaborative robots companies, the automotive industry as it exists today would be impossible.

Today, carmakers are keenly interested in identifying new uses of robots and even more processes. The goal is to make robots more efficient, flexible, and accurate. As robots become more dependable on production lines, the range of tasks they can accomplish grows. Robot technology has made it possible for the automotive industry to become and to stay one of the most automated supply chains in the world. The automotive industry is by far one of the largest users of robots on the planet.

It makes sense that robots would be used so extensively in the car manufacturing process. Modern automobiles are complicated machines. They have thousands of wires and paths that span every vehicle. It requires complex manufacturing processes to get all the components where they need to be when they need to be there. For this reason, robots have become a crucial part of an efficient assembly line. This has led to an increase in robotic technology, including robotic vision, spot and arc welding, robotic assembly, and the use of robots in painting, sealing, and coating.

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