The Fun of Ice Luges in Long Island NY May21


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The Fun of Ice Luges in Long Island NY

Ice luges are made by molding or sculpting a block of ice into a veritable drink fountain. This block of ice is also known as a “shooter-block.” Originally, ice luges were primarily used in oyster bars to keep the oysters cold. Today, they are used at parties and in bars as a cool, creative alcohol delivery system. They are actually a part of a sub-culture that features “ice bars” that only serve alcohol through luges. In a luge, alcohol is poured from the top and the ice chills it as it moves down the chute to the mouths of people waiting at the bottom. Luge designs and sizes vary from small personalized systems to a large complex system, and there are companies that specialize in creating all types.

Ice Luges in Long Island NY are actually quite common, as they have resurfaced after virtually disappearing for two decades. The use of them in craft cocktail bars have caused yet another drinking trend to emerge. Bars have gone the extra mile by creating theme parties, events, and special drink recipes around ice luges. Many of the events are known as “pop-ups,” and there are “pop-dinners,” and so on. Luges are also popular additions for weddings, holiday parties, and corporate events. Companies like Long Island Ice & Fuel are at the center of this cultural phenomenon. They along with other companies like them, use food-safe chainsaws, chisels, and grinders to break down ice and create luges.

Luges have become so popular that there are even being featured at festivals. Davenport, Iowa’s festival, The Icestravaganza now offers ice luges as a major attraction. However, drinkers are not allowed to have alcohol flow into their mouths; everyone must use a cup. This is strictly for sanitation and public safety purposes. Alcohol is sanitizing, and luges are self-cleaning, but bars and festival organizers must cover all of their bases where the public is concerned. Ice Luges in Long Island NY are also being featured in public events like The Icestravaganza in Davenport. Long Islanders may find ice luges coming to their International Great Beer Expo or Spring Craft Beer Festival soon.

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