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The function of a metal cutting band saw

A metal cutting band saw is one which has been designed and manufactured expressly to cut various metals. Regular band saws, perhaps those which are designed for use with wood or plastics can be used for metal but the operator risks needing band saw repair in Los Angeles area, especially true with the blade.

All band saws have a toothed metal blade which fits between two large wheels, the blade is endless. Once the band saw is energized one or the other of the large wheels drives the blade; in most machine designs it is the bottom wheel. In a vertical band saw the work table is horizontal, the metal is placed on the work table and ran through the blade; the cut is perpendicular to the direction the blade travels. A band saw blade evenly distributes pressure on the work piece, this produces a very even cut. The blade is quite thin, it is ideal for cutting complex curves and shapes that are not possible on other types of saws.

The cutting blade of a metal cutting band saw gets very hot, as a result these machines have a blade lubricating system designed to allow the machine to cut at reasonably high speeds without overheating. If a metal cutting band saw blade overheats it can lose temper but more often the blade will break, this shuts the operation down while the operator attends to band saw repair in Los Angeles. Water is a common coolant although more sophisticated and costly machines use water with oil or synthetic coolants. When the blade is kept cool it reduces wear on the cutting teeth, prolongs the life of the blade and makes it less prone to breakage.

Metal cutting band saws that are subjected to almost continuous cutting are normally fitted with a pair of brushes that keep the blade free of metal chips. The blade runs continuously through the brush nest, the blade surface is kept clean, ensuing that the cut is perfect. A clean cutting blade also helps to maintain a steady working pressure, reduces the possibility of an accident and prolongs the life of the blade.

When a user is evaluating the different metal cutting band saws that are available it is important to consider the type of metal to be cut, the frequency of use, the cuts that will be most frequently made and the ease of band saw repair in Los Angeles.

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