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The Importance of Gas Fireplaces Repair Service

While it is pretty obvious for owners of wood burning fireplaces that regular maintenance and repairs are necessary due to the build up of creosote and soot, what about gas fireplaces? They burn very neatly, so is it really necessary to seek maintenance and repairs for this item? There is no question that gas burning fireplaces are extremely convenient and when compared to wood burning options have low maintenance needs. However, there are a number of problems that can occur that will require the help of a Gas Fireplaces Repair Service from time to time.

Build up
In some cases, a build up of debris can occur in a gas fireplace. The ceramic logs can start to deteriorate, which can clog the vents. Also, if the exterior of the chimney suffers from a cracked crown or if the mortar joints are not in good condition, then moisture can go into the chimney and cause the tiles of the flue to break and fall onto the hearth. There is no question that a Gas Fireplaces Repair Service will be needed at this point.

Something that you don’t want to take for granted in a gas fireplace is if the equipment is operating properly. As time passes, the connections and valves may start to develop leaks. Also, the thermocouple and thermopile can become worn and may need to be cleaned. The actual ceramic logs need to be checked, as well, to be certain they are placed properly and in good, working condition.

A gas fireplace is susceptible to sudden fires and explosions if there is any type of malfunction or leak. One issue that may occur is that the pilot light is on, and the gas is on, but the fireplace is not actually operating. With regular service and repairs, a home owner can feel confident that no issues will occur.

We offer additional information about why regularly service and repair is needed for any gas fireplace. There is no reason to take a chance of an issue or injury due to a broken or malfunctioning unit. Take the time to consider the factors here and then call for fireplace service.

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