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The Importance of Professional Estate Planning in Little Rock, AR

The wealth and assets that you accrue during your life may have great meaning and sentimental value to you. You want to be sure that they are taken care of and given to people who will value them as much as you do after you die.

However, if you die without any written will, you risk losing your assets to anyone who makes a valid claim against your money and assets. Instead of taking on that risk, you can use professional estate planning in Little Rock, AR, to make your final wishes known.

Naming Your Beneficiaries

The planner that you hire can help make sure that your named beneficiaries are included in your will. If you die without a will, anyone can say that they are friends or relatives of yours and that you wanted them to benefit from your wealth. Your lawyer or executor of your estate will then have the burden of proving that person should not receive anything from your estate.

Instead of having your estate go through probate and possibly being lost, you can put the name of your beneficiaries in writing and include them in your will. Your attorney can file your will with the local probate court and make sure that your estate is divided up among the people that you name according to your wishes.

Estate planning in Little Rock, AR, can help protect your money and assets from being lost. It lets you name your heirs and have your estate executed to your specifications.

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