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The Importance of Using Animated Videos for Your Sarasota, FL, Business

You wouldn’t be in business if your product or service wasn’t of importance to the buying public. Every business owner’s problem is how to get the word out to as many of those buyers as possible. The traditional print and electronic standbys work. However, video animation services are better. Why?

The Importance of Animated Videos

The first visuals an infant will see is often the animated shows on TV. He progresses to animated lessons in kindergarten. Then he uses his mother’s phone to play animated games or to further learn something. With this background, it’s difficult for buyers not to pay attention to video animation. It catches the eye of search engine bots as well. They dress up your email campaigns. They convert, and that’s the most important of all.

The Numbers

Businesses with videos on their websites see an increase of 88 percent more people. It grows conversions by 80 percent. Ads by video are 35 percent of online spending. Sixty-four percent of buyers do so after watching a video. Animated videos grow conversions by 20 percent. Video in emails sees a 200 to 300 percent rise in click-through rates.

Sixty-four percent of buyers will buy a product or service after viewing a video. Fifty-five percent of shoppers research their buys by watching videos. Online shoppers viewing videos are two percent more likely to purchase the product or service. Shoppers use mobile devices to check videos about a product or service before they buy.

Those are the facts. Another fact is that YouTube and Google are the most popular search engines. Companies that don’t use YouTube or Google aren’t reaching the millions of buyers they could be reaching. Bingo Tech is available to help business owners fulfill their marketing needs with video animation services. Call Bingo Tech at company to learn more about it.

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