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The IVF Treatment in Toronto Process Explained

Understanding the IVF treatment in Toronto process can help to alleviate some of the stress of deciding whether this is a treatment option for you. The beauty of IVF treatment in Toronto is that it has a high success rate and it is a very versatile option.

Getting Started

Before you jump to the conclusion that you and your partner need IVF treatment to successfully conceive you should have a full work up from a trusted provider to determine what the cause of your infertility is. An experienced doctor will be able to get you on the right path to start your family.

The Process

This is typically a four step process which can include:

  1. Taking medication to increase ovulation
  2. Egg retrieval
  3. Fertilization
  4. Transfer

You will start taking medication to increase the process of ovulation, however, because IVF is so flexible you can also use a donor egg for the process. Once you have completed the round of medications and your ovulation has begun, eggs will be retrieved. The next step is fertilization. Your spouse’s sperm or donor sperm can be used to fertilize the eggs. Once the eggs are fertilized you will be called into the office to have a painless procedure that will transfer the eggs into your uterus or a gestational carrier can be used. This flexible infertility treatment option can be the solution for many different cases of infertility.

The Ultimate Goal

Your pregnancy or that of your surrogates will be monitored closely during the first trimester to ensure that they embryo is thriving. A few month later, you will have a baby! First Steps Fertility Clinic can help you explore this option and learn more about the process. Make an appointment today to discuss IVF.

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