The Keys to Finding the Right Lacrosse Stick


Contrary to popular belief, the most important piece of equipment any lacrosse player will rely on is the lacrosse stick they use. Just like professional ice hockey and baseball players, the top athletes who compete in the sport of lacrosse are very particular about the stick they use to keep solid possession of the ball and also provide a quick snap to complete the perfect pass or shoot the winning goal of any game. However, there are many components to the lacrosse stick which many new lacrosse players might not be aware of – and each one of these components are critical to the success of the lacrosse stick and the player who uses it.
The stick itself is made up of three critical components; the Head, the Pocket and the Shaft

The Lacrosse Stick – what is the Head?

Today’s lacrosse stick (also known as a Crosse) begins with the head of the stick. The head is a plastic molded piece which is comprised of many different strings which each have a specific use as well. There are shooting strings (located at the top of the head) used to increase the velocity and accuracy of the ball when shot, sidewall and runner strings which make up the main net of the head and are used primarily for catching a ball from either a pass or interception from another player. And finally there are drawstrings of the head, used to tighten or loosen the strings for specific tension for different use.

The head of the stick is where all of the ball motion is going to be used. The tighter the strings, the higher velocity your shot could be, however, the less accepting to passes is a disadvantage of tight strings as well. The dimensions of the head are different based on the leagues you play.

The Lacrosse Stick – What is the Pocket?

The pocket of the Crosse is where all the action happens in the game of lacrosse. The pocket is the center part of the head that is used to collect a pass from a fellow teammate and also used to pass or shoot the ball. The pocket is constructed primarily of nylon strings or newly designed synthetic mesh materials which are commonly stronger in construction and can produce a stronger pass and shooting effect.

The Lacrosse Stick – What is the Shaft?

The shaft of the stick is what gives the player an advantage. Manufactured these days out of light weight alloys like titanium, aluminum and also wood, plastic and other composite materials, the shaft is what the player holds in their hands. Each type of shaft has its specific advantages for either strength or flexibility which can impact the speed, angle, and even curve of the ball when shot.

The modern day lacrosse stick is a far cry from the early all wooden sticks used when the game was created.

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