The Malted Milkshake in Springfield MO and Its Connection to Prohibition

Today, a delicious milkshake in Springfield MO can be ordered at a favorite restaurant that specializes in American food. The thick, creamy beverage was created at a Walgreen’s pharmacy in 1922. As with numerous other developments of that decade, the invention and its ensuing popularity were partly a result of Prohibition, as set forth in the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The Milkshake Becomes an Institution

A malted milkshake could provide customers with the taste of malt that might now have trouble enjoying without access to beer. However, the rapid expansion of this chain of drugstores was assuredly also because the pharmacists could legally provide medicinal liquor to customers. With the proliferation of this pharmacy chain, first throughout Chicago and then across the nation, people became very familiar with the milkshake. The beverage became an institution in American restaurant food.

A Traditional American Meal

Today, at a restaurant featuring traditional American food, patrons might enjoy burgers and fries along with a milkshake in Springfield MO. They have many other menu options too, of course, and some of these dining establishments offer beverages like beer, wine and cocktails.

Adult Beverages

Customers who like to have an adult beverage or two with their meal are glad that Prohibition only lasted for 13 years. The Amendment was repealed in 1933 through the 21st Amendment. Most people alive today didn’t experience Prohibition directly, and nearly all of those who did would have been too young to buy alcohol legally anyway. As kids, they were probably thrilled to have a malted milkshake while their parents picked up their weekly allotment of medicinal liquor, as prescribed by a physician.

Feeling Nostalgic

At a venue like Jackie B. Goode’s Uptown Cafe & Dinner Theatre, adults have the chance to feel nostalgic about the food they can order there. Kids appreciate it that part of the menu is geared especially toward them. The family might stop in occasionally just to partake of the soda fountain delights, including not only malted milkshakes but ice cream sundaes, banana splits and ice cream floats. People who have never been to the restaurant contact us with any questions they have.

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